AGM, 9th January 2016

Once again our AGM was the first gathering of the new year.  It was held at James and Ursula's house in common with the past few years, and we had a good turnout of 17 people.  This represented the majority of our regular membership.

Many items were discussed over a period of two hours or so, including a review of the previous year's activities, a summary of accounts and plans for the foreseeable future.

James stood down as chairman as he had previously indicated he would, and Kevin was appointed in his place.  Likewise, Ursula resigned her role as secretary, and Carolyn took on this job.

Following the meeting, we enjoyed a buffet lunch, with everyone contributing to what was a very impressive spread!  Among the highlights were of course Eleanor's meringues, along with Robert's homemade bread, Petra's cheesecake and Victor's Spanish tortilla.  Victor will be leaving us soon - to return to Spain and will be much missed, not just for his cooking skills!

The new programme will be issued shortly, and in fact it was a shame not to have had an outdoor session on this day, as the weather was unseasonably mild.  Spring flowers including daffodils were already in full bloom in the town centre!

The agenda
James chairs his final AGM
The buffet being prepared
An impressive spread!
Daffodils blooming nearby!


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