Frilford Heath Golf Club, 23rd January 2016

Today's Green Gym turnout was good with 11 members. The weather was mild as we commenced our trek winding across the Golf Course trying not to disturb the local habitat (the club members) from carrying out their normal routine .

On arrival at the Fen we were given clear instruction by Judy and Alison to finish what we started last time we were here (there were only 4/5 of us then), Which was to rake the cut reeds and clear them off the Fen.

We soon organised ourselves into teams of rakers and drag bag draggers, swapping jobs every now and then. The ground as you expect had become wet and sodden which made the cut reeds heavier to pitch fork and lift.
The coffee break was most needed and being able to stand around and not shelter from the wind or rain was a pleasant change.

James who was leading, made a short speech to thank Victor for his enthusiasm and hard work over the year he had been with us and to extend our best wishes on his return to his native Spain next week. Maybe he will set up a Spanish GG branch?

We competed our task in good time and good order, knowing that we achieved what we set out to do.
Returning across the course, we made sure we did not move or pick up any balls in the rough that might have been lost!

Next week We are at Boars Hill, where we will be clearing scrub. It promises to be nice change, being on the hill overlooking Oxford and its Spires and the ground ought to be drier under foot.

Arriving in convoy from the Club Car to the Groundsman's site

Instructions from Judy our Fungi Expert in residence and Alison From Natural England

Getting to work raking the reeds

A well-earned coffee break

Continued raking with further input from Judy on Fungi discovered on site

Barry and Victor drag bagging the reeds off the fen


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