Sunday, February 16, 2014

Southern Town Park, 15th February 2014

This Saturday, we unexpectedly found ourselves at Southern Town Park.  Our original programme activity was to plant trees along the Ock Valley Walk, but recent heavy rain and flooding had forced us to reconsider our plans in advance and retreat to somewhere a little less waterlogged.

We assembled in the car park along Lambrick Way amid high winds.  The remnants of the previous night's storm, which had kept many of us awake as it battered our homes, was still in evidence.  It was actually fairly surprising that more trees had not fallen given the severity of the conditions, however.

Making our way across to the work site at the Peep-o-Day lane end of the park, it was evident that there was plenty to be getting on with.  The ongoing removal of heavy bramble growth that is smothering the trees adjacent to the lane was a priority, along with the usual litter-picking and the clearance of some fallen tree debris.

Eager to keep warm with the low temperatures and wind-chill we eagerly got started.  Sensibly, given the unpleasantness of the conditions it was decided that we would take an early refreshment break and finish the session half an hour earlier than usual and head to the nearby pub, the Midget.

We made good progress on all fronts, but as usual there was more to do than we could realistically achieve and so the tasks will continue into future sessions.  Nevertheless, we left the site looking better than when we had arrived and certainly devoid of much of the litter.  Our haul this time included a single high-heeled shoe and a fly-tipped armchair!  

Most of us re-grouped at the Midget for post-session drinks and as we did so, the rain that had held off all morning, began again.  Our usual run of good weather fortune continues, and long may it do so!
- Andrew

Arriving at the work site

Storm clouds over the playing fields

Rogue fly-tipped armchair among the brambles

James removes the chair for later disposal

Ursula discovers a single high-heeled shoe mid litter-pick!

Refreshment break banter

Recovered recyclables

A de-brambled area

Packing-up, pre-pub

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