Monday, February 3, 2014

Abrahams Wood, Boars Hill, 1st February 2014

Twelve Green Gymmers gathered in Berkeley Road, Boars Hill for a session in Abrahams Wood. We were joined by Andy Gunn from BBOWT who led us down to the wood, where our task was to cut down as much of the laurel as possible and add it to the dead hedge, which we had constructed during a previous Boars Hill session.

It was a bright, sunny morning, though cold, but we were very grateful for some respite from the relentless rain which had gone on for so many weeks. Already we could see bluebell shoots springing up everywhere. Andy talked about the history of the wood for the benefit of the new members, how it had been donated to Oxford Preservation Trust and what BBOWT was hoping to achieve there.

We then set to work on the laurel with saws and loppers, piling up the larger logs and adding the brash to the dead hedge. It is amazing how tall laurel can grow, many plants being more like trees than shrubs. Because this wood was once part of a private garden, it contains plants such as laurel and bamboo. Laurel is very persistent and even a small amount left on the ground will take root again.

After a break for refreshments, we carried on with our task. The weather stayed dry for us and we began to warm up. As we packed up and made our way back up the hill to the road, we were quite pleased with how much we had cleared.

- Eleanor

Setting to work on the laurel

Cutting up the laurel branches

Petra with an armful

Margaret tempts us with biscuits

Tanya sawing down a laurel

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