Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kennington Memorial Field, 22nd February 2014

This was our annual trip to Kennington Memorial Field to join up with Alison Muldal from Natural England and her group of local volunteers who hold work parties at the site.

This session, in common with those that have preceded it here, largely involved cutting back vegetation around the site boundaries.  Brambles hawthorn and blackthorn form the main thickets that require managing, lest they should completely engulf the field.  

We were sufficient in number, that upon arrival, Alison divided us into sub-groups and directed us to the different areas of the field that most required our attention.  Some of us tackled the brambles at the top end of the site, while others started working away at the thorn bushes lower down.

The area of brambles were a high priority due to the adjacent footpath having become muddy and waterlogged and therefore a new route needed to be cut.  Five volunteers worked especially hard to cut back the brambles in this area since they had become quite impenetrable. While this was going on, a bornfire was started at the bottom of the field and the thorn cuttings were transported here for burning.

As usual at Kennington, the refreshment break was taken in the relative comfort of the sports pavilion.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and an impressive selection of biscuits was offered.  Being extremely hungry from the hard work up until this point, we were indeed grateful! There was also some marmalade for sale at this time, having been made by some of the green gym ladies.

Back to work, and it was a case of getting as much done as we could before our time was up.  Steady progress was achieved by an increasingly weary bunch of volunteers.  This session involved quite arduous physical work, but I suppose that is the point!

an area of bramble removal to re-route a muddy footpath

Sally, Kate and Margaret, hard at work

Kevin tackles a thorny issue

Dieuwke adds fuel to the bonfire

Tanya, Carolyn, Lesley, Petra and Eleanor

more workers across the field

outside the pavilion, post-refreshment break

Andrew slashing

the many anthills are a feature of the memorial field

homeward bound at session's end

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