Ock Valley Walk, Town end, 18th February 2012

This was a special occasion as it was our day for planting a tree in memory of Chris Thomas, one of our leaders who died suddenly just after Christmas. We had chosen a black poplar and had a small engraved plaque made. The session began with business as usual, piling up branches, raking twigs and shovelling woodchip into piles, as well as litter picking, as there was an area of devastation to be cleared, where contractors had chopped down a number of large willow trees. Meanwhile James and Kevin dug a hole for the memorial tree.

Towards 11 o'clock Chris's family arrived, including his two daughters and four grandchildren, and others who had known Chris through conservation work also joined us. Chris's daughters scattered ashes around the tree and Ursula read a poem she had written.

Then it was time for refreshments - tea, coffee and cake, including some delicious cupcakes which Chris's granddaughter had made. We were fortunate in that, despite quite windy weather, the rain held off. So although this was in many ways a sad occasion, it was wonderful to see so many people gathered together to remember Chris.


photos taken by Eleanor and Claire:
scattering Chris's ashes

Ursula reading a poem
the memorial tree

memorial plaque
tea break
an amphibian visitor!


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