Kennington Memorial Field, 25th February 2012

We joined the Kennington Memorial Field conservation group under the direction of Alison Muldal of Natural England.

It was a year since we had last been there. The weather was fine and it was good to be back. The work involved cutting down hawthorn bushes to make grassy bays in the wooded areas and transporting the branches down to the bonfire, moving some woodchip and laying it on the path and also some hedge pruning.

For our mid morning break we enjoyed tea, coffee and biscuits provided by Alison in the sports pavilion, which had the added luxury of toilets.

After the break we worked hard to get all the remaining wood down to the bonfire where the pyromaniacs among us enjoyed feeding the flames.


photos by Ursula:
removing scrub

hawthorn bush clearance

the pyromaniacs among us...


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