Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cothill Fen, 11th February 2012

A rather magical wintery scene awaited the eight green gym members who made the trip out to Cothill Fen for the first time this year.  With the temperature below zero and snow upon the ground, everyone was keen to begin working in order to keep warm. 

As instructed by site manager, Graham (from Natural England, the organisation who oversee the site), our task this week was coppicing an area of woods to the edge of the fen.  Good progress was made and the cold was kept at bay except perhaps for some cold feet with the lack of insulation provided by our wellington boots!  Hopefully our next visit to the fen will be a little less chilly.

Welcome to Cothill Fen!

A winter wonderland - Cothill Fen in the snow

A word from our chairman - James brandishing a saw!

Kevin and Robert felling a tree

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