Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden, 7th August 2021

A slightly smaller than usual group of Green Gymmers assembled at the Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden, Boars Hill at the weekend. We were led by chairman Kevin, but without a representative from the Oxford Preservation Trust who we work for at this site.

Having parked up along the Ridgeway or adjacent roads, Kevin outlined the morning's tasks which were essentially to perform a tidy-up of the paths and the pond area, including around the bird feeders. This involved the removal of nettles, brambles etc that were spilling over the thoroughfares and obscuring the signage.

We set up base camp by the pond and picked up slashers, loppers, pitchforks and rakes and got down to business. Adrian had brought his scythe, which enabled the Ridgeway entrance to the gardens to be cleared quickly with a few of us busy raking up the cut vegetation. Eleanor liberated the main notice board from some overgrown holly within the same area, but left some ivy circling up the leg of the structure since it looked rather attractive!

Elsewhere, we ensured that the areas around the southern gates were clear of nettles and that the paths were free from obstruction. The cuttings were taken to new or existing habitat piles at the perimeter of the garden, ensuring that none of them prevented access to any trees where bird nest boxes had been erected.

The heather was in full bloom in the middle of the garden and some parasol mushrooms had popped up following the recent rainfall - which thankfully held off today until we packed up and headed back to our cars and bicycles. Good timing!


Leader Kevin gives his opening speech.

The liberated notice board with attractive climbing ivy. 

Break time.

Reflecting upon our first-half efforts.

The 'after' picture, wishing I'd taken a 'before'.

Parasol mushrooms.

Heather in full bloom.

Adrian scything in the distance.

Bramble clearance around the heather.

The long walk home.


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