Summer Picnic, 21st August 2021

A bit late with this report and sadly no photos, but here we go...

It was a last-minute decision by Carolyn and myself as to whether or not the weather would hold for the annual Green Gym picnic at Jarn Mound.

The forecast on Friday didn't hold out much hope with a swath of rain clouds moving across Oxfordshire at lunch time on Saturday. So we reverted to plan "B" but there was no plan B so we invited all who were coming round to Hendred Way, much to the relief (I think) to everybody.

No worries of what to serve as they all brought a lovely spread of food and drink. Before we tucked into the choice of homemade fare, I made a quick announcement to thank James who would be stepping down from his devoted duties of programme organiser and leader. To show our appreciation we presented him with a book token and signed card (and told him to clear his desk by Monday!).

As well as James's leaving, It was chance to remind everybody that Carolyn and I as Secretary and Chairman would also be leaving our positions on the committee along with Sally as Treasurer at the end of the year (we meant to finish last year before Covid).

So anyone who feels that they could have a go at playing their part in keeping this special relationship with the local environment and society continuing, please give it some thought.

Meanwhile, back to the food. Once the first course of salads, quiches, sausage rolls and homemade bread and cheeses, and second helpings (I won't say who) had been enjoyed, some of us were making sure they still had room for the dessert selection of  homemade cakes and cheesecake on offer.

Unfortunately no photos were taken to protect those whose appetite provoked an "everyone for the themselves strategy" when consuming the tasty treats, in the nicest possible way! Reminding me of my childhood mealtimes with my brother. Some people had to go at around 2pm, while others stayed on for tea and coffee and more chat. Everyone agreed that the correct decision had been made, as it absolutely poured down at one point. 

Everyone enjoyed being able to chat and eat in the warm and dry, the first time many of us had been with a largish group of people for many months.



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