Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 14th November 2020

Our remaining programme for November has been cancelled due to the lockdown. However, volunteering is still permitted under the government guidelines and our parent organisation TCV have approved us holding sessions during this time subject to the updated COVID 19 safety guidelines. Therefore as part of a revised schedule, a group of six of us met at the Tesco end of the Ock Valley Walk for a socially-distanced morning of litter picking, path sweeping and sowing of wild flower seeds.

Eleanor led the charge, issuing us with our details. It was apparent that there was a large amount of litter to be collected and half of us set off with bags for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Much of the bounty was made up of discarded drinks cans and bottles, with an alarming number of disposable face masks also lining the path. 

As well as litter, the path was covered with fallen leaves which had become quite slippery as a result of the rain. Armed with rakes and spades, we cleared these to the path margins in an effort to make this busy thoroughfare a little safer for passers-by. 

Meanwhile, Sally cleared a small area by the bridge to plant some wild flower seeds which will hopefully make the area more attractive and wildlife-friendly come the summer months. Time will tell!

After a short mid-morning break, we continued for another 15 minutes or so, finishing off our tasks before plotting our escape, hastened by the fact that it was pouring with rain.

Joanna had come out to meet us (and to provide me with a lift home!) at the end of the session, bringing with her Elly the puppy - who quickly made friends with the group and might well become the new Green Gym mascot!

The socially-distanced gathering.

Sally gets raking.

Velvet Shank mushrooms on a log beside the Ock Path.

The Ock Path out of town.

More mushrooms.

Coral fungi.

A soggy mid-morning break.

All the litter picked.

Graham clearing the path of leaves.

Eleanor finishes up.

Joanna and Elly the pup.


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