Kennington Memorial Field, 31st October 2020

Despite the damp weather, a good number of Green Gymmers assembled in the playing field car park for our session at Kennington Memorial Field under the direction of Lyndsay from Oxford Preservation Trust. We were also joined by some Kennington residents.

Our main tasks were to cut back nettles and brambles from the banks of the stream which runs along the bottom of the valley and to clear brambles and briars from around the trees to stop them encroaching on the chalk grassland.

We usually look forward to a bonfire on our twice yearly visits here, but Lyndsay said it was too windy. It also proved to be very wet with the rain coming down heavily about half an hour into our session but most people were prepared, with waterproof jackets and trousers.

The rain had eased off a bit by the time we had our break, but there was no sign of the sun. However, we carried on bravely, slashing, lopping, raking and pitchforking for the rest of the morning. Fortunately, we had packed up and were on our  way home by the time the rain came down in torrents again.

We look forward to coming back here at the end of the winter.


Photos by Margaret:


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