The Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden, 8th February 2020

There were 14 of us for today’s session led by Margaret at the EDMG up on Boar’s Hill. Lindsay of OPT was unable to make the session so had sent through comprehensive instructions, including a map of what was to be done where, through to Margaret. After our briefing, we picked up tools and headed to our usual place under the sweet chestnut tree by the pond to set up base camp.

We chose from the various tasks and spread out over the site. At the top end, between the fence and the road we were to cut back over-hanging branches and pile them into a dead hedge along the side of the ditch. There were a number of places around the field where brambles needed to be cut back, and in addition plenty of fallen branches that needed tidying into habitat piles which had already been formed. Margaret commented on the irony of doing this job today of all days when gale force winds are forecast for tomorrow!

By break time we had made good progress and a weak sun was trying very hard to show its face. We admired the birds on the well-stocked feeders by the pond, and then set back to work for the second half, by which time the clouds had dispersed and we enjoyed a sunny second half with bright blue skies.

It was a good morning’s work and we went home satisfied and happy.

Meeting at the garden.

Lindsay's detailed instructions.

Fungi on dead wood.

Brisk business at the bird feeders.

Tea time conversation.

Ivy climbing a tree.

Margaret shifting some cuttings to a habitat pile.

The dead hedge by the road.

Snowdrops and spring bulbs.
Looking across the pond.
Joanna by one of the habitat piles.

Andrew clutching some brambles.


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