Kennington Memorial Field, 23rd February 2019

Today we met at Kennington Memorial Field, where we go twice a year to cut back the scrub and which is run by Oxford Preservation Trust. We welcomed two new Green Gymmers, Alex and Barbara, and we were also joined by OPT volunteers and Kennington residents.

The early mist soon cleared and the sun was shining as we made our way down the slope. Rachel from OPT showed us the line of trees and scrub, where she wanted us to cut bays to make a scalloped edge. This will mean that the fauna living on the edge of the scrub will have more habitat and more areas will be exposed to the sun at different times of day.

Graham got a bonfire going to burn the brash and we set to work. We needed to keep busy carrying pitchfork loads to the bonfire to keep it going. As we worked, we uncovered various items of litter and, worst of all, dog mess, much of it in black plastic bags. It is an unsolved mystery that people take the trouble to clear up after their dogs and then leave the bags behind.

Adrian had brought the tea kit and got the tea and coffee ready for us. After the break we carried on until it was time to stop cutting and carry the remaining scrub down to the bonfire.

We look forward to coming back in the Autumn.

Photos by Eleanor (first 8) and Margaret (last 10):
James with a load of scrub.

Adrian scything.

OPT board.

Bramble bashing.

Graham prepares the bonfire.

Margaret with discarded dog poo bags.

Bay cut in the scrub.


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