Jarn Mound and Wild Garden, 26th January 2019

Today’s task, under the direction of Rachel from Oxford Preservation Trust was to clear the remaining wood, which had fallen in the storms and snow of 2017 – 18 and to transport it to the bonfire site in the middle of the wild garden.

This time OPT had arranged a Landrover and trailer to transport the wood. We split into two groups, most going to help load the trailer while the others stayed at the bonfire site. Graham, as usual, was the bonfire expert and soon had it lit. We cut and sawed the bigger branches into suitable sizes for the bonfire while waiting for the next trailer load. The wood was thrown down the bank and dragged over to the bonfire.

After our tea break we continued with the work and kept the bonfire going. The last trailer load was a long time arriving and we wondered whether we would get it all on to the bonfire in time, but with everyone working hard, the task was completed.

We look forward to seeing the development of the wild garden over the coming years.

Photos by Margaret (first 6) and Eleanor (last 2):


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