Sunningwell Green, 15th September 2018

For this session we paid another visit to Sunningwell, where we had done some work in the early Summer. The tasks arranged by Bob Evans were to do some more clearing of the pond, to weed the hedge we had planted on the Green and to clear the wildflower meadow.

James was eager to don waders and get stuck into the pond. This task was overseen by another James from Sunningwell (James Pond?) There was also a huge stack of cut willow by the pond, which needed cutting into manageable pieces and moving to the bonfire site on the Green. Graham, Margaret and I set to work on this task while the others went off to do the hedge weeding.

Gradually, the willow pile grew smaller and more weed and green gunge was pulled from the pond. The hedge weeders also had a daunting task where a lot of nettles had grown among the young hedging plants.

We were very lucky to have our tea break in Bob’s lovely garden, with delicious sausage rolls supplied by Bob’s wife Koty.
Some people had to leave after the break, including both Jameses. The remaining hedge weeders went to work on the wildflower meadow, Meanwhile, there was the remains of the willow to be cleared and piles of pond gunge to be barrowed to the Green and dumped by the boundary fence, where it would rot down.

Then it was time to pack up and we found that one of our larger rakes was missing. At last we spotted it – abandoned on the pond island, so even though we couldn’t get at it, at least we know where it is!

James wades in.

James Pond and Graham.

Margaret cuts up willow.

Working on the hedge.

Dieuwke with a barrow load.

Ursula slashes nettles.


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