Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 7th July 2018

The weather continues brilliantly and Kevin led the Green Gym Session on the Ock island, town end, in his usual laid-back style.

One of the necessary tasks was to cut back the nettles encroaching on the path and the other cutting overhanging branches to save cyclists from being unseated in a most undignified way.

The nettles are exceptionally tall by now, and the newly planted trees had to be rescued once again. The rest of the trees are doing well and should soon do their job of suppressing the rampant nettles.

Litter was plentiful, especially drink cans and bottles, and several sacks were easily filled.  Hurrah for Eleanor’s carrot cake at break time, much needed fuel for the second half of litter picking, nettle slashing and general tidying.


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