Southern Town Park, 24th March 2018

On Saturday we met at the Football Club car park, Lambrick Way, for another session at Southern Town Park.  The weather was dull but warmer than we have become accustomed to recently, with a slight drizzle.  Sally had received some wild flower seeds (see pictures) just in time from Kew Gardens with full instructions and labels, ready for planting.  This was going to be the main focus of the session. Other tasks included the usual litter picking and bramble bashing.

The wild flower planters got down to it, literally on their hands and knees to clear away moss, grass and nettles, and also the odd hibernating grub (see photo) that were starting to retake the area from the flowers.  Meanwhile, another group started to clear a new area adjacent to the original bed for more flowers.

Progress was slow but working close together meant that the conversation was flowing and the time zipped by.

By refreshment break, Sally had come to the realisation that we would not be able to complete the job today and suggested that we come back next Saturday.  Despite it being Easter when the Green Gym traditionally have a break, this seemed like a good idea and there was a good response from the volunteers who were keen to finish the task.

There wasn't a lot to show for our efforts by the close of play except muddy tools and boots (for which a nearby puddle came in handy for cleaning them off) and a barren-looking wildflower patch!  Yet sometimes size does not matter and once the flowers bloom we will be able to see the full results.


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