The Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden, 14th October 2017

This weekend, we rendezvoused with Rachel Sanderson from the Oxford Preservation Trust, back at the Elizabeth Dayrush Garden, Boars Hill.

We decamped in a pleasant spot by the pond, where there is a seat and a view of the gardens.  Some of the team became distracted by the falling sweet chestnuts, which they began to collect, to possibly make a Swiss culinary recipe suggested by Ursula!

To the job in hand; Rachel wanted us to work on the north side widening the path through the wood which had become overgrown.  Also to clear bracken areas so that wild flowers could come through in the spring. We decided that it was best to separate and have a team starting at each end of the path, and work towards each other, with a couple of teams clearing the bracken.

The path was patchy so we made quick work of it. The bracken and brambles kept us going for the rest of the morning. One side was completed, but there is plenty more to be sorted later. We are booked with Rachel to return in the new year for some more sessions which should keep it under control.

Margaret proudly showing off her efforts with Janet working hard!

Rosie and Michele getting stuck in.

James laying waste to the bracken.

Carolyn and Lesley literally getting down to the bracken and fighting off the disturbed midges. 

A finished view of the path.

Chestnut gathering.


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