Abbey Fishponds, 7th October 2017

It was back to Abbey Fishponds this Saturday for a session with the Earth Trust, who manage the site.  We met with warden Lucy who instructed the group on the morning's tasks before we unloaded our tools and set up our encampment on the central mound within the area.

The main job on this occasion was to rake up the reeds from the wetland area, most of which had been cut earlier in the week.  Adrian continued the scything operations throughout the morning however. Due to the good turnout, a sizeable area was raked.

Elsewhere, a willow was trimmed back with the branches that were removed, then used to fill a gap in a hedge.  Brambles were trimmed along path margins and nettles were pulled where they had become a nuisance.  A litter-pick was also conducted.

The site is fairly vast with many interesting features and it was, once again fun to work here alongside the Earth Trust who hold regular work parties both on weekends and during the week, in order to successfully manage the reserve.

Lucy instructs the group upon arrival.

Assembling ourselves on site.

A spindle tree.

The reed-bed at the start of the session.

James cutting back a willow.

Dieuwke carries the willow cuttings off to make a hedge.

A stealthy cat arrives on the scene.

Matt, Ursula and Lydia on reed-raking detail.

Adrian scythes.

Graham pitch-forks the cut reeds.


Eleanor litter-picks.

A stag beetle home.

Carolyn with some pulled nettles.

One of the many mushrooms we spotted.

Back to the mound for tea break.

Many hands make light work!

One of the ponds, with cut reeds raked back from the perimeter.

A shell found in the pond.

Grey skies over the pond.

The new willow hedge.

Packing up at the end of the morning.


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