Southern Town Park, 26th August 2017

There was a good turnout on Saturday for our first session at Southern Town Park for some months. 

One of the main aims was to clear the nettles and long grass away from the patch of wild flowers that we had sown earlier in the year.  This was achieved, with the plan being to go back and uproot the nettles completely next time and sow additional flowers.

Other jobs included trimming back brambles, and collecting bags of the rubbish that have accumulated here - often as a result of illicit drinking and impromptu fires.  Along with the smaller items, a burnt-out motorcycle was discovered, what with fly-tipping being quite a problem in the park. 

We did see a drop in the growth of brambles this summer.  Whether this was due to the weather conditions or our previous efforts to keep it down, it is not known.

The Green Gym's work here occasionally draws praise from dog-walkers and other passers-by which make our activities seem worthwhile.

The freshly-scythed wildflower patch.

The all-important tea break.

Some of the wild flowers that we had sown earlier in the year.


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