Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 5th November 2016

Winter has come quickly. Green Gym is working at the town end of the Ock Valley Walk in Abingdon this morning. Eleanor is leading and sets out our plans which include clearing brambles, nettles, and rank growth from an area where we have previously planted bare-root saplings. Today we want to plant some native wildflowers within the cleared parts. And of course we will be picking litter.

Where to start? Ursula sets a good example with a slasher. Some of our sapling plantings can be seen in the background.

Margaret and Kate have found a good place. The saplings in this area have done very well indeed and are beginning to look quite vigorous – a tribute to earlier efforts to give them a bit of breathing space by putting down plastic sheets to suppress competing weeds.

As the morning goes on coats come off – this looks like Margaret’s.

Wildflowers adjusting to the winter!

Coffee at last! Essential for keeping warm. Margaret has put her coat back on.

Enid plants wildflowers in a cleared area. They are wild daffodils, wild anemones, wild garlic and wild English bluebells.

Behind you Carolyn! Lesley moves in to help with lopping. By the time we finished and left for home, the sun was shining and it looked like being a really nice day, although still cold. Plenty left for another day!



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