Barton Fields, 26th November 2016

We joined site warden David Guyoncourt and his Abingdon Naturalist's Society Green Team volunteers for this week's session at Barton Fields.  It was the first time that we had been here since the end of the summer - back when we had been busy raking the recently-cut wildflower meadows.  The tasks on offer this time differed somewhat, but involved either raking-up vegetation that was being strimmed from the perimeter of the ponds, grubbing-up invasive snowberry plants close to the main path, or litter-picking.

We split into teams once we had transported our tools from the meeting point on Barton Lane, down to the main field and got stuck into our various assignments.  It was a lot milder than the previous week, and while not overly warm, proved to be a good temperature for working.

The pond-raking team had made impressive progress, being almost finished by the tea break, while the litter-pickers were nearing completion also.  Therefore the second half of the morning saw most of the group tackling the remainder of the snowberry, or moving along the track to cut back some of the bramble growth at the far end of the site.

Traversing the field upon arrival.

Preparations underway.
The Green Team prepare to strim.

Graham busy with the snowberry eradication.

Autumnal snowberry.

Some remaining autumn leaves on this sycamore.

Dieuwke assists the Green Team at the ponds (photo by Sally).

Across the pond (photo by Sally).

Full strim ahead (photo by Sally).
The litter-picker's find of the day!

Refreshing and recharging.


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