Mill Road, Marcham, 16th July 2016

It was another session at Marcham this Saturday to continue pulling the seemingly inexhaustible Himalayan Balsam growth around the field margins.  Here, perhaps more than any of our other regular sites, the Balsam is extremely prolific, perhaps due to the stream and lake at the site, which transport and disperse the seeds year on year.

Twelve green gymmers turned up to get on with the task, taking minimal tools from the meeting point in the farmyard outside Cumber's farm shop to the work location. James and Graham donned waders so that they could get in the stream and right up to the banks where a lot of the growth is concentrated.  The remainder of us worked steadily amongst the trees, adding to the piles of pulled plants as the morning progressed.

Refreshments were taken at 11am in the barn as usual for this site, and then it was back to work to see how much we could complete up until the close of play.

Much Balsam was removed, but large swathes remain. Many more sessions will be required here if we are to successfully eradicate it from the area. A daunting task, but one that we are prepared for!

Assembling in the farmyard
On our way to the work site
Today's leader, James, instructs us on the task
Crossing the stream to the work site
A pile of pulled Balsam
Himalayan Balsam and Green Gymmers
Refreshments in the barn
The barn
Back to work!
The stream
Still plenty of Balsam left for next time!
Packing up at the end of the session


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