Frilford Heath SSSI, 9th July 2016

A small-ish group of nine Green Gymmers turned up for our latest session at Woodhaven, Frilford Heath.  Our tenth attendee, Michelle had to drop out due to feeling under the weather, but was kind enough to meet us there at 9:30am with the tea kit which she had previously volunteered to organise!

It was down to the SSSI area with said tea-kit and minimal tools and gloves, ready for another session of Himalayan-Balsam pulling.  Upon arrival, it was certainly clear (to myself at least, since I hadn't been here for a year), that this invasive plant was much-reduced in volume. Whereas large swathes of the whole area were once covered, there exists now, only small patches.

We did our best to deal with the remaining Balsam and it was a pleasure to note just how much native wildlife is currently evident. Hopefully a good indicator of our success. Many species of wild flowers and plants were identified and there also appeared to be many snails of assorted colours and shapes, along with significant butterfly and moth populations.

Unlike the last session here, the weather was kind - dry and warm, but not too warm. Stinging nettles and biting insects provided a mild annoyance, but nothing that us hardy Green-Gymmers couldn't handle!

Session leader Kevin briefs us upon arrival
Water Mint
Herb Robert and a couple of bugs!
The main event - Himalayan Balsam!
Lords and Ladies
A curious-looking snail!
Carolyn mid-Balsam pulling!
Carolyn, Graham and Kevin
Kevin prepares the refreshments as Lesley consults the beverage list!
A moth resting upon a leaf
Another snail spotted on some Brambles
some very Ragged Robin
A Dog Rose flower
The end of another session

Homeward bound


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