Fun in the Park, 4th June 2016

Saturday 4th June was Fun in the Park day and, as usual, Green Gym had a stall. Like last year we were assigned to the Abbey Close car park along with the other club, society, volunteer and charity stalls. 

My overloaded car was admitted to Abbey Close, after I had been cross examined by a security guard who I really thought was going to demand my passport, fingerprints and iris scan. Along with three other helpers, we attempted to erect the gazebo, though we were sadly lacking in both the necessary tallness and competence. We succeeded at last, with a bit of help from the woodcarving stall next door. 

The weather was dull and cloudy but at least it was dry. As well as a display board illustrating our activities, we had marmalade and lemon curd for sale and our "stick the pin in the lucky square" game, 20p a go, £1 prize for a lucky square and sweets as consolation prizes. 

With eight volunteers helping at various times throughout the day, (Arthur, Graham, Sally, Dieuwke, Petra, Lesley, Janet, Jessica) there was an opportunity for everyone to take a break to visit the other  "poor relations" stalls in the car park and the more spectacular and money generating activities and food stalls in the Abbey Grounds. The main purpose of our stall was not to make money, though we did take £36.80p but to publicise our group and provide some fun.

Our stall
The game


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