Bank Holiday Walk, 30th May 2016

There was no Green Gym session on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend but instead we led one of the Bank Holiday walks, which have been organised by the Friends of Abingdon since Jubilee year in 2012. Our walk was along the Ock Valley to show people some of the work Green Gym does there and point out the flora and fauna and interesting historical features of this very underrated part of Abingdon.

Unfortunately, very few Green Gymmers supported the walk this year. There was Colin, minus trolley on this occasion, but with his trusty hand made walking stick, Jessica, a very new member and at the last minute, Lesley with her dog. We were also joined by nine walkers, which was very good for a dull cloudy day.

The route took us from the weir behind St Helen's Court, across Drayton Road and along the newly tarmacked path towards Tesco, then on to New Cut Mill. We then turned right along Mill Lane and left along the path leading to Sutton Wick. About halfway along we turned left and walked alongside a field, stopping to view Didcot power station, left again alongside a hay meadow and down through Masefield play area. That was the end of the countryside part of the walk.

We returned to the town centre via Caldecott Road, once the route of the Wilts and Berks canal, then past the stone walls that used to enclose Caldecott House and so back to the Market Place.

A piece on the Bank Holiday walks was also featured on the Abingdon Blog site.

Just before we set off from the Market Place


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