Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 31st October 2015

Upon a mild Halloween morning, we assembled at the footbridge at the start of the Ock walk.  Totaling around fifteen again, we unloaded the tools from session leader Eleanor's car, and proceeded to the work site.

The main task this time was to clear some patches of stinging nettles in the wooded area including the digging-out of roots, in preparation for planting flower bulbs that will come up in the spring.  The nettle growth is rather prolific here, but hopefully it will lessen once the trees that we have planted mature and create shade. In the meantime, it will be good to be able to enjoy the flowers from perhaps March onwards.

Other tasks included removing willowherb growth from around the aforementioned recently-planted trees and clearing away some fallen willow tree branches in the vicinity of the woodchip path.  There was also, as ever, some litter to pick.

We will be back here in a couple of weeks to plant bulbs and take care of whatever else needs doing on that occasion.

Eleanor instructs the group upon arrival
James removing nettles
An interesting find from the litter-pick
A patch of cleared nettles, ready for bulb planting
Kevin cleans the tools in the Ock river
Colin clearing around the trees
The wooded area where we have planted a number of trees
Some of the litter picked
Robert removes the promotional sign at the end of the session


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