Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 14th November 2015

Two weeks had elapsed since our last visit to the town end of the Ock Valley Walk.  On the last occasion we had prepared some areas for planting spring bulbs and our primary objective this time was to actually sow the bulbs.

While some of our fifteen or so work party set about the aforementioned task, others conducted a litter pick and a third group cleared some suffocating weeds from around the many trees that we planted last year.

For the second session in a row we had to endure rain, but it was thankfully, relatively light compared to the day's pessimistic forecast. With damp foliage, we nevertheless got rather wet, but it was all for a good cause.  Our efforts were also rewarded with Eleanor's lemon drizzle cake that was hungrily devoured at the intermission!

The beginning of the session
Working in the wet weather
The tree plantation
Halfway there!
Knee rest and bulb planting tool
Autumnal sycamore colours
Dog Rose
One of the areas in which bulbs were sown
A litter-free Ock Valley Walk!


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