Caldecott School, 15th August 2015

This was our second visit to Caldecott Primary School, following on from our session here last summer.  We were here once again to assist with the raking of the wildflower meadow that has recently been created in the school grounds, and was cut a few days previously.

The meadow is looked after by Abingdon Carbon Cutters, and we were met on site by Marion Owen from that group, who oversaw our activities.  Upon arrival, and the unloading of tools, we were met by Marion and saw that Colin had arrived early and was already underway with the raking.

We soon joined in and variously raked and transported the rakings to a pile in the corner of the field.

Our task was achieved fairly speedily and we finished-up a little earlier than usual at around 12:15pm.

Next up in the programme will be the summer picnic at Withymead Nature Reserve on the 22nd August!

Marion instructs.
Poised to commence work.
The wildflower meadow.
And we're off!
Ursula and Dieuwke raking.
Raked piles.
Cuttings and saplings.
Tea Break and conversation.
Kate and Erin keep busy.
One of the young apple trees.
Evidence of our hard work!


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