Abbey Fishponds, 1st August 2015

It was the first day of August, and while assembling at Abbey Fishponds it was apparent that we had a relatively low turn-out when compared with previous weeks. The reason being that many of our regular number were away on their summer vacations!

We were however pleased to welcome along a new member, Jo, and including volunteers from the Abbey Fishponds group, we still had a 15-strong presence or thereabouts.

Site warden, Majorie, instructed us on a choice of activities for the morning, ranging from raking cut reeds, searching out and destroying any Himalayan Balsam, trimming an overgrown willow tree and litter picking. We thus divided up and set to work.

A pleasantly mild temperature, neither too hot nor too cold was experienced, with sporadic sunshine and most crucially, no precipitation!

The summer is a good time to visit the Fishponds reserve since many wild flowers provide a lovely burst of colour, and the paths are squelch-free underfoot unlike during many spells throughout the other seasons.

Today was also a worth a visit due to the variety and quantity of cakes and biscuits on offer at the break. A good morale-boost halfway through the session!

The Green Gym now takes a break for a week - a summer recess of sorts, but will return on 15th August for the next session at Caldecott School. New programme to follow soon...

Marjorie instructs...

The Himalayan Balsam-pullers set off across the site.

Bees on a teasel.

Jo and Dieuwke raking.

Eleanor tackles the willow tree.


Half-time on the mound.

Tea and cakes and conversation.

Refreshment paraphernalia.

Brambles and hops in the hedgerow.


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