The Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden, Boars Hill, 16th May 2015

On Saturday, we were again working in Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Field on Boars Hill.  The meadow had been cut recently. The bulk of the hay had been picked up by the mower, there was plenty left behind to rake up by hand.  We could not quite finish this, as the field was just too large.

We continued grubbing out brambles and nettles to clear three patches for seeding with a wild flower mix.  We completed this for two patches, which was extremely satisfying.  Seeds scattered, we now look forward to seeing a beautiful mix of wild flowers emerging over the course of the year.

There was also a large pile of wood that needed shifting out of sight. These piles are useful as wildlife habitats as they gently rot down in the woods.

The orchids are doing well, and were given some space by removing the growth around them.

It was a pleasure, as always, to visit this site, and the weather stayed fine for the morning.   

Preparing wild flower patch

Hay raking



Sowing seeds

Firming seeds

Last two photos by Sally:
(of our chief mattockress at work today!)


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