Burnt Platt (joint session with Sonning Common Green Gym), 9th May 2015

For today's Green Gym, the Abingdon team was led by Kevin. It was a joint meeting with the Sonning Common group and others came from Bicester and Newbury, so we were quite a big squad. 

The job was unusually straightforward and consisted of clearing birch saplings and seedlings from a long section of heather. This was well established but was being threatened by a prolific invasion of birch from nearby trees. 

Loppers and saws were the preferred tools. The work proved rewarding in terms of visible results during the morning, but it was hard on the back! The weather stayed fine, with only a little drizzle but some sun as well.

Plenty to go at here!

...and here!

A good heather bank here.

Eleanor’s cake ... must be time for coffee....

Yes indeed!

Time to go. Backs ache, but look at all that heather.....


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