Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 21st March 2015

This was the second of our two Spring visits to the Town end of the Ock Walk and this time there were more than twice as many of us as the previous week. 

Some people went to finish off the work on the woodchip path. With two wheelbarrows this time as well as Colin's trolley this didn't take too long. 

Other tasks included getting rid brambles that were beginning to sprout in some areas and to trail through trees at one end of the woodchip path, inspecting the young trees and clearing the area around them and making piles of dead wood and fallen branches. There was some litter to be cleared, though not so much as usual, as the council contractors have been sending someone to clear it in the past few weeks.

The tea break was made more special with a delicious cake that Petra had made for us. Then it was back to work, with a lot more work to be done on the brambles. We also decided to rake the dead vegetation off the ground in the young tree area to encourage new growth to come through and to clear away an old abandoned tent that had been lying around all Winter.

Our next visit will be in the Summer, to tackle the inevitable Himalayan Balsam.

Starting work on the sprouting brambles

Shovelling woodchip

Erin and Rihanna chopping up brambles

Kate with a barrow load

Robert tackling the dead wood

End of the session. D of E girls and mums prepare to go home


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