Kennington Memorial Field, 28th February 2015

We met at the sports ground in Kennington for our annual visit to Kennington Memorial Field, where we go to help cut back thorny scrub which is encroaching on the pasture. 

One side of the valley had already been cut mechanically so we set to work on the other side while Kennington volunteers tried to get a bonfire started at the bottom of the field. It was prickly work and we needed strong gloves to withstand the thorns. By break time, we had accumulated some satisfactory piles and started to carry them down to the bonfire, which was reluctant to get started.

After our tea break in the comparative luxury of the sports pavilion, with actual chairs to sit on, we carried on cutting and carrying the piles down to the bonfire, which had at last begun to blaze merrily, although a fine drizzle had started to fall. Soon it was time to persuade people to stop cutting and help carry the remaining piles down to the bonfire. There was certainly a lot left for the Kennington volunteers to burn but it was the end of our session, so we had to leave them to it.

Margaret and Ursula get down to work

The D of E girls, Rihanna and Erin, with Erin's mum, Kate

Luxury tea break
Erin shifts a load

Piles ready for the bonfire

The bonfire gets started


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