Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kennington Memorial Field, 23rd February 2013

This Saturday we made our annual trip to Kennington Memorial Field to join up with some local volunteers there, working under the guidance of Alison Muldal from Natural England. 

We last met Alison a couple of weeks ago at Frilford Heath Golf Club.  Like today, on that session it was a particularly cold morning with some snow flurries, though this time it was thankfully a little drier underfoot.

The main tasks this week were to cut back overgrown vegetation in a couple of areas around the field, remove some low shrub growth in the grassy areas and to build a bonfire to burn the cuttings.

There was plenty to keep ourselves and the other volunteers busy throughout the morning and a roaring bonfire was soon underway.

For the tea break, we retired to the club house, quite a unique experience for the green gym, since we usually take our refreshments outside while struggling to keep warm.

Being such a cold day it was therefore most welcome!We continued with our hard work after the break, and had made good progress at the end of the session at 12:30pm at which time some of the Kennington volunteers carried on for a while longer.

the work begins
lopping some shrub growth
the bonfire is lit!

James busy removing cut vegetation
tea break at the club house
bramble and shrub cuttings

a roaring bonfire!

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