Sunday, February 3, 2013

Abbey Fishponds, 2nd February 2013

It would seem that the fine sunny weather, so often observed on Saturday mornings throughout 2012, has continued into 2013.  As the green gym assembled at Abbey Fishponds at 9:30am, there was barely a cloud in the sky.

At the Abbey Fishponds reserve, we continued with the tasks that have been ongoing over the past few years.  As always, under the direction of site warden, Marjorie White, we set out on a number of activities to assist with the upkeep of this lovely area.  The green gym splintered into several groups each taking on a different job.

Firstly, there was some raking of recently cut reeds to attend to. Also, coppicing of hazel and the weaving of this hazel into some existing fences around the perimeter of the site that required some restoration.  Furthermore some vegetation around the paths required clearing and litter picking was also carried out.

A good turnout ensured that steady progress was made on all the tasks and no doubt we shall return in a few weeks to carry on where we left off.

Kate and Ursula beside their section of restored fence as James and Kevin disappear with the tools!

restored fence

some of the coppiced hazel

site of the reed-raking

Eleanor mid litter-pick

homeward bound

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