Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ock Valley Walk, Town end, 22nd September 2012

Our session on 22nd September happened to be on the day of the autumn equinox, and despite it being bright and sunny, there certainly was a distinct autumnal feeling in the air.

The main task on this occasion was the re-laying of the woodchip path at the town end of the Ock Valley Walk.  The council had provided a pair of woodchip piles - one at either end of the path, and the group split into two teams, starting at either end and meeting in the middle.

Wheelbarrows were filled with the woodchips and emptied at intervals along the path and then raked to form an even surface.  Those members not occupied with the path-making helped out by removing overgrown vegetation around the edges of the path and by litter-picking in the vicinity.  

By tea-break at 11am, the team working closest to the town end had completed their section of path and so joined up with the others to work at the far end.  The work, especially for the wheelbarrow operators, was rather strenuous, and much effort was maintained throughout to ensure that the path was completed by the end of the session.  In the event, the timing was almost perfect, with the job done shortly before 12:30pm and both piles of the woodchip were used in their entirety.  The path is now back in good condition for the people of Abingdon to enjoy.

wheelbarrow and woodchip!

a completed section of path

finished!  where the woodchip path meets the main Ock Valley Walk

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