Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ock Valley Walk, Tesco end, 29nd September 2012

Once again, despite the weather during the week having been predominantly wet and miserable, Saturday turned out to be fine and sunny!

Ten or so green-gymmers turned up to perform a variety of tasks at the Tesco end of the Ock path under the leadership of James this week.

The tasks included litter picking (litter is frequently a problem in this area), clearing away overgrown vegetation around the edges of the paths and removing some tree branches again around the path margins.

Good progress was made early on with all operations and by the tea break at 11am, there was not an awful lot left to do.  

Following refreshments, tasks were swiftly completed and the group set about packing up, keen to make the most of the fine weather, and in the case of several of the volunteers, eager to visit the local excellence market in the town centre!

Refreshment time!

Another fruitful litter pick

Kevin removes a dead branch from a tree

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