Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Picnic, Thrupp Lake, 11th August 2012

After weeks of hard work, it was time to relax and indulge ourselves so Saturday 11th August was designated as Summer Picnic day.

We chose Thrupp Lake partly because, after so much bad weather, we needed somewhere with a shelter, but as it happened, the day was hot and sunny.

Thrupp Lake had been saved from being drained and filled with fly ash from Didcot Power Station after a long campaign by the Save Radley Lakes group. It is now a nature reserve and managed by the Earth Trust.

We met in Barton Lane, transferred the food and drink to one car and then walked along the cycle track to the lake. After tea and coffee we followed the circular walk around the lakes. Then it was time for our sumptuous feast, to which everybody had contributed, consisting of chicken, ham, cheese, homemade rolls, quiche, salad, fruit and cake, accompanied by drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic. 

It was at least 2.30 before we made our way reluctantly homewards.

photos by Ursula...

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