Saturday, August 25, 2012

Barton Fields, 25th August 2012

Today's session was at Barton Fields in conjunction with Abingdon Naturalists Green Team, who manage the site.

The wild flower meadow has not yet been cut but there was more than enough work for the twelve Green Gymmers and six Green Team members who were there. The session started with a heavy shower but this soon cleared and it became quite hot and humid.

A group of us went to clear a path between and around the ponds. The vegetation, mostly greater willowherb, had become so tall and dense as to be almost impenetrable. It was important to clear the willowherb without damaging plants such as purple loosetrife and meadowsweet. The others cleared nettles along the edge of the cycle track, cleaned up the interpretation boards and cut up and stacked branches from a fallen willow tree by the Thames Path.
New members were given the opportunity to have a tour of the site, including the five ponds which are important wildlife habitats

Photos by Ursula:

Tea Break!

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