Drayton Road Allotments, 3rd March 2012

This Saturday we embarked on a new project, namely, digging a pond at the Drayton Road allotments at the southern end of Southern Town Park. Ten Green Gymmers turned up for the session and were joined later by Mary and Tony de Vere from the allotments committee, who had suggested the project.

The idea of the pond was to increase the biodiversity of the area and attract friendly, pest devouring wildlife such as frogs and toads. Firstly the area needed to be cleared of poplar saplings, which also meant digging up the roots in the actual pond area, a job requiring persistence and stamina, and cutting back the trees on the margins. There was also a certain amount of rubble and assorted rubbish to be cleared away.

We were pleased by our progress and after raking away the surface debris we were able to start on the actual digging. We carted away the soil in wheelbarrows to a plot which is prone to flooding and were grateful for a couple of extra barrows lent by other allotment holders. Next week we will continue with the digging and hope to finish the pond.

photos to follow...


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