Drayton Road Allotments, 10th March 2012

This Saturday saw our second visit to Drayton Road allotments to continue digging a pond. Last week we had made good progress in clearing the trees and preparing the site and we had even begun digging.

This time, with fewer able bodied diggers, our progress seemed discouragingly slow, and on top of that, our wheelbarrow got a puncture. We kept at it, however, having voted down suggestions of bringing in a mechanical digger, and with more womanpower arriving after the break, the task seemed less daunting.

Just before the session was due to finish we finally struck water! The water table is alarmingly close to the surface on this site and many allotment holders have dug wells on their plots.

The finished pond, which will not be lined, will be filled from below as well as with rainwater when we get some rain. We will need to assign a couple more sessions on the new programme to finishing the pond.


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