Ock Path, Saturday 29th January 2022

We had a lovely large group of volunteers for our session at the Ock River Path in Abingdon this Saturday! The weather was a little chilly and windy, but along the sheltered path it was rather pleasant in the winter sun. Our main tasks for the day, as explained by session leader Eleanor D., were litter picking and felled-branch sawing. 

Our litter picking team were particularly successful and we managed to collect a whole trolley full of rubbish and recycling! Other volunteers valiantly sawed up larger branches to distribute in nature piles, and yet more managed to clear one of the bridges of moss. 

We also took part in the RSPB's #BigGardenBirdWatch for an hour at the end of the session, and managed to spot: 

  • x1 woodpecker 
  • x7 wood pigeons 
  • x6 gold-finches (not counting the sadly deceased one we found)
  • x2 mallard ducks
  • x1 magpie
  • x1 robin (who checked up on me every now and then)
  • x3 great tits
  • x10 blue tits 


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