Southmoor RDA, Saturday 16th October 2021

This week's blog post was written by volunteer Eleanor Dangerfield. 

This Saturday our session was at the Riding for the Disabled stables at Southmoor. Our previous work party here was in the Summer, when our task had been to clear a ditch between two fields. Now, we needed to continue the clearing so the water would be able to drain away.     

Ten of us set off for the ditch, which now had a small amount of water at the bottom. We were also joined by a few volunteers from the centre. Some jumped into the ditch and set to work clearing the nettles, brambles and other vegetation with slashers and scythes while the others raked it into piles along the side, to be collected and taken away by the trailer. It was amazing how much piled up. The trailer would be kept busy long after we had gone.

There was a treat in store for our break as a car driven by an RDA volunteer arrived with a table, a hot water urn, coffee, tea, soft drinks and home made cakes. We were also delighted to have a visit from Green Gymmer Janet, who is also an RDA volunteer.

Then it was back to work, but we had time to admire some beautiful horses and ponies. By 12.30 nearly all the ditch had been cleared and we could see that the water was draining away. It had certainly been a worthwhile morning, doing a useful task for this charity, which gives enjoyment and confidence to so many young, disabled people.

Adrian's mushroom haul (photo by Adrian)

A ditch full of volunteers (photo by Michele)

Ditch-dwellers (photo by Michele)

Treats galore (photo by Michele)

Ditchlings (photo by Adrian) 

Cosy pony (photo by Michele)

Look at those whiskers! (photo by Michele)

From dry beginnings...(photo by Adrian)

To free flowing water! (photo by Adrian)


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