Hinksey Heights Nature Trail, 4th September 2021

This Saturday we were at Hinksey Heights Nature Trail. There were only seven of us as some of the volunteers were doing an important job working on the GG stall in Abingdon Square for the Abingdon Healthfest event.

John, the owner of the land was there to meet us along with Neil Clark who was involved with the planting of the new saplings.

We decamped at the lower lake area where there are some picnic tables - suitably located for visitors to rest and take in the lovely surroundings and ideal for our coffee break.

The first job Neil assigned for us was to clear the vegetation around the young trees. As the trees were in two separate locations, we split into two groups and got on with the task.

We conveniently finished this job at break time. Once refreshed, John directed us down to the tree line below the saplings to remove vegetation and expose the stream just behind it, giving better access to wildlife and a nicer view from the path for visitors. We could not complete the job before the end of the session, but we could certainly see an improvement thanks to our hard work.


Photos by Ursula (1-10) and Kevin (11-17):

Getting ready.

Clearing the edge of the stream.

Dead wood.

Getting to the stream.

An interesting plant on a boulder in the stream.

The cleared stream.

Beautiful Horsetail.

Dried seedhead of wild carrot.

From above.

Speckled wood butterfly.

Carolyn and Cathy clearing the area around the saplings.

The lake where we had coffee.

John in his strimmer gear giving us an update on the progress of the site.

The new re-laid path to the site.

Starting on the tree line to expose the stream.

The stream to encourage the wildlife.
Carolyn giving first Aid to Richard after a Bramble fought back!


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