Dry Sandford Pit, 26th June 2021

This was our first proper Himalayan Balsam pulling session of the year! While our previous work at Dry Sandford Pit has largely been concerned with clearing vegetation from the cliff faces, today was devoted almost entirely to helping eradicate this notoriously prolific non-native plant.

Adrian led the session and showed us the area to be cleared - a rather vast tract beside the stream. Wellie boots were the order of the day since the area was boggy and required most of us to cross the water to get to the areas with the highest density of balsam. 

Many of the plants were already of a fairly significant size, which made the operation fairly straightforward, aside from the hazard presented by the aforementioned damp ground. It was just a matter of clearing as much of the area as possible, while trying not to get stung by nettles or bitten by insects.

The fifteen of us in attendance made an impressive dent in the overall coverage, but there is certainly plenty more of the balsam left to clear. It has been proposed that we return for a couple of evening sessions in the coming weeks to tackle the remaining areas.


About to get started.
Himalayan Balsam.
Philip prepares to get pulling.


Time for a break.

Cathy and Adrian on the pull.

A 'shroom amidst the balsam.

The balsam-lined stream.

Packing up.


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