AGM, 13th January 2021

Since the Covid restrictions are still very much in place at the moment, we were unable to get together in person for our AGM as we would normally do at this time of year. Instead we held the meeting on Zoom, with sixteen Green Gym members present. 

Items discussed included finance, sites visited during the past year, tools and equipment, uniform, membership and media, with reports from each of the relevant committee members. 

The majority of the 2020 committee are to continue in their roles, albeit with a few changes and with the addition of Adrian and Roger. Therefore the 2021 committee is made up of the following members:

Kevin - Session Leader and Chairman (with the intention of stepping down at the end of 2021)

Carolyn - Secretary (with the intention of stepping down at the end of 2021)

Eleanor - Session Leader and Programme Co-ordinator from spring/summer onwards (once James steps down)

James - Session Leader and Programme Co-ordinator until spring/summer (when Eleanor takes over)

Sally - Treasurer and Session Leader

Margaret - Session Leader 

Lesley - Membership Secretary

Andrew - Interim Session Leader and Webmaster/Media

Adrian - Session Leader 

Roger - general committee member


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