Abraham Wood, Boars Hill, 9th November 2019

We were back at Abraham Wood for our session this Saturday. Fifteen of us turned out on a freezing morning, which started brightly enough although rain threatened as the morning wore on. The session was led by James, with Lindsey from OPT giving us our tasks.

At the top of the site, the battle with the bamboo continues. It’s been cut back substantially, but there was still more work to be done here. A few of us took to it with mattocks.

The other jobs were to re-edge the paths through the site, and to spread out various piles of wood chip which have been left by the contractors who have been thinning the trees. We also took to cutting back any new laurel shoots that have grown from previously chopped down bushes. As the laurel contains cyanide and can’t be burnt we put these cuttings on the top of wood piles where they’ll hopefully rot down over the coming months.

Eleanor provided a delicious ginger cake at tea break. With temperatures only just above zero, it was agreed we could all have done with an extra pair of socks or boot linings.

We set back to work and at midday on the dot the rain came. So we spent the final half hour of the session getting soaked, but went home happy with our progress.


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