AGM, 12th January 2019

In advance of our outdoor sessions for 2019, The Green Gym AGM was held in the Perry Room of the All Saints Church on Appleford Drive.  We assembled here as we have at the beginning of January for the past couple of years, with current chairman Kevin overseeing proceedings.

On the agenda were the usual discussions relating to our activities over the past year, our intended sessions for the coming year, as well as the financial report (comprehensively compiled by treasurer Sally again) plus any new tools and equipment required.

The only change to the committee from 2018 was the appointment of James as programme co-ordinator, taking over from Eleanor who had held the post for many years. Later, we presented Eleanor with a card and some flowers to thank her for her hard work for over a decade. She confessed that the role had worn her down eventually, so James can't complain that he hasn't been warned!

The meeting continued for just shy of two hours, with the usual mix of keen discussion and mild controversy. The perennial issue of the glove bag and its contents was left unresolved, but otherwise it appeared that everyone was largely happy with the various outcomes. 

Afterwards we sauntered across the street to Kevin and Carolyn's house and  assembled our buffet lunch with all members contributing food. There we met our newest recruit - springer spaniel, Jim!

After Eleanor's presentation and the raising of a toast to the year ahead, we tucked in to a veritable smorgasbord of delights. One particular highlight (Eleanor's meringues aside) was Ursula's super grain salad - based on a Yotam Ottolenghi recipe. This went down very well indeed. Considerable interest was registered in the dish, and the recipe was therefore supplied and has been reproduced below.

This Saturday we will be meeting up on Boars Hill to work off all the calories.

On the agenda.

Luncheon is served!

Jim and Kevin.

The recipe that Ursula provided for her super grains salad.


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